Corporate Location Headshots for Groups of 15 or more - NAME YOUR OWN PRICE!

For smaller corporate teams (fewer than 15 people), please use my standard corporate pricing request page.


Some further explanation as to why I’m currently offering this amazing deal:

This might all sound too good to be true, but being one of the premier headshot photographers and expression coaches in all of SoCal means that I’m a bit more expensive than most. Too many times I’ve lost the opportunity to work with larger corporate teams because a cheaper and less skilled photographer swooped in and underbid me, likely offering a far inferior product and experience. Although I’m plenty busy, I want you and your team to be able to experience the difference that a good headshot photographer can make in the way you represent your corporate and personal brand online.

Are there limits to how low I’ll go? Well, sure there are. After all, I have hard costs involved in producing top quality imagery, such as retouching expenses and upkeep of high quality equipment. However, any and all reasonable offers will be considered. I want you and your team to experience what I can do for your headshots, and I don’t want price to be a barrier on our first shoot together!