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I support your corporate headshot project from start to finish with custom booking portals for your employees, professional prep materials to distribute, and the highest level of care and attention to get your on location headshots done on time and with amazing results. Essentially, my team and I are here to make your job as the corporate coordinator as smooth as possible.

The Highest quality - Period.

Like most things, there is an extreme range of quality out there in the market for corporate headshots on location. You can almost always find something cheaper, but do you really want the cheapest headshot you can find? My headshots are the highest quality made possible by my individual coaching and directing of my clients and my top-notch professional equipment. Experience the difference this can make right at your office location.


I’m capable of duplicating your preferred headshot style across time and locations - even in different states or offices. Not only that, I pride myself in providing the MOST consistently good expressions for ALL of your employees. I don’t quit until we have the right look for each person. Imagine a complete style for your corporate headshots on location taken right at your office or headquarters for your convenience and time management.


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Benefits of Hiring an a Professional Corporate Headshot Photographer

When deciding whether or not to hire a on location corporate headshot photographer or to send your employees and colleagues to a studio setting for their high end corporate headshots, it’s important to consider a few factors that will potentially affect pricing, quality and the ultimate outcome of your headshot project.

COST SAVINGS PER EMPLOYEE: First off, pricing per person will vary based on location corporate headshots versus studio. Even though most photographers may offer numerous types of studio sessions ranging from small to large, pricing for studio sessions will typically be higher per person than pricing for corporate headshots on location photography projects that have 10 or more people. This is simply due to volume and time spent per person in most cases.

As the number of people in your corporate headshots on location photography project increases, there is often the opportunity for reduced per person rates to be offered. This is because you’re bringing the photographer a higher volume of work, and many photographers are willing to extend various levels of discounting based on that volume. For example, if I’m hired to photograph corporate headshots on location for 20 or 30 corporate employees, this represents a FULL day of shooting in most circumstances. Because of this, I typically can offer more aggressive per person pricing than if I were hired to photograph 10 or fewer employees.

HIGH CONVENIENCE: The convenience of hiring a corporate headshots on location photographer for large teams should not be understated. It keeps your business on track with minimal impact to their work day, thus saving you and your business time and money by reducing lost productivity. If you’ve hired a good photographer, there is no loss in quality for corporate headshots that are photographed on location.

ON BRAND QUALITY: A word of caution when shopping for your corporate headshots on location photography specialist – it is very easy to enter the market in this niche and bid large jobs, even for inexperienced and under qualified photographers. Many of these part time photographers have not reached a level of success to operate their own studio and provide no consistent studio corporate headshot option to their clients, yet they may very well be one of the numerous quotes you are considering. They tend to be cheaper and underbid their competitors since they have reduced operating costs in attempts to win business. However, they may very well have inferior equipment and almost for certain, inferior skills in coaching and directing your employees to amazing corporate headshots that properly represents your brand and culture.

How to Choose the Best Corporate Location Headshot Photographer

What’s the difference between ‘on location’ sessions and ‘studio’ sessions? Well simply put, a studio session is just that – a corporate photography session conducted in a studio setting. If the photographer is established and owns their own studio, then it carries the benefits of access to potentially high end studio equipment such as lighting or backdrops, it is usually private, comfortable and a pleasant setting to work in. If the corporate photographer is renting the studio, those benefits will be reduced as they deal with variable working conditions and the challenge of lugging high end equipment in and out of every shoot in order to hold the styling of their work consistent.

In contrast, corporate headshots on location photographers will bring their studio equipment (or a subset or variation of their equipment) to your business location with the common benefits being convenience for your employees and fast production of quality corporate headshots.

That being said, there is a wide range of quality being provided by on location corporate headshot photographers. Here are a few things to consider when selecting or choosing your photographer:

  1. Are they experienced in their craft and full time?

  2. Have they demonstrated consistent results?

  3. Do you want a ‘studio’ or ‘environmental’ look to your corporate headshots? Both can be achieved on location, but require different equipment and lighting skills.

When requested, I bring my actual studio to my clients for corporate headshots on location photography sessions. This means that I bring the exact same lights and equipment that I would use in studio. This has the benefit of keeping your team’s corporate headshots EXTREMELY consistent in lighting and style. I can duplicate headshot style over time and across locations – not all photographers are capable of this consistency! If you want your team’s corporate headshots to look cohesive across time (ie, as people come and go from your organization), then you need to consider this important factor when selecting a corporate headshot photographer. This isn’t to be taken lightly, and your decision will affect the online quality and look of your branding presence for months if not years to come.

Finally, I have numerous clients that started off as corporate headshots on location clients where I photographed 10 or more employees in a day at their business. They now send all of their new hires to my studio for the consistent style and quality that was experience at their business location. the relationship I have with my corporate headshot clients is as important to me as my work.

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John Glover Photography 100% Satisfaction Rating

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What to Expect During an Corporate Headshots On Location Session

Whether on location or not, a corporate headshot should be left to a specialist in this targeted niche of photography. Not all photographers are equipped to deliver consistently good headshots, and a careful vetting of a photographer’s corporate headshot portfolio for consistency and quality in expression should preclude the decision to hire the right photographer for your business.

With an experienced corporate headshots on location photographer, your location shoot should go quite smoothly. Depending on the size and duration of the shoot, you can expect various levels of scheduling support such as custom scheduling portals, custom prep materials to distribute to your employees, and a conference call to complete planning.

I request a minimum of a 10 foot by 10 foot open space with reasonable privacy away from foot traffic and onlookers for my portable corporate headshot studio setup. Privacy is important, as your average employee will already be nervous and doesn’t need the pressure of onlookers and hecklers – whether intentional or not. The best corporate headshots on location are created when this privacy and my charisma and skill help the employees relax and share their true self on camera.

I’ve worked events with circumstances that only allow for a minute or so per person, and I’ve also worked many shoots where we are able to carve out more time – up to 15 minutes or so per person. In either case, my job is to get my subject properly positioned for a corporate headshot rapidly, and then work their expression until it contains the very best version of them and features relaxed confidence and genuine approach-ability.

Whether this is your first time hiring a skilled on location corporate photographer or you’ve done this many times before, please consider the fact that good photography is expensive and cheap photography is typically not very good for your business. Pricing isn’t arbitrary, and corporate headshot experience with consistent results costs quite a bit more than low or average quality.

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