Headshot FAQ

What’s the best way to prepare for my headshot session?

Prep materials will be sent to you after your session is secured through payment of your session deposit (either online through my website, or by phone). Of course, I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have prior to booking your session so don’t hesitate to reach out. Also, be sure to check out my headshot blog here for additional headshot insights and prep information.

How do your studio sessions tend to flow?

I don’t normally enforce time limits because I’m concerned with getting the very best options for my clients in their session, and some people simply take a little longer than others to get them where they need to be for an amazing headshot. All of my sessions include a warm greeting, time to get comfortable and set your things down, use the restroom, grab a refreshing beverage, put on your favorite tunes, (optionally) get your hair and makeup done and then move into the shooting portion of your session. After we’ve captured the right number of proofs and looks for your session size to choose your retouched images from, we’ll spend an appropriate amount of time going through those images together. You’ll get my expert advice on which images work best for your use / context and you’ll make your selections for retouching right there in studio. Except in pre-arranged and rare circumstance, I don’t send out proofing galleries; I used to do this, but my clients now get my expert feedback and advice on which expressions and images work best for them in lieu of proofing galleries. If you need a copy of your proofs for some reason, let me know up front and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate. Remember - unretouched images are unfinished images. Only professionally retouched images should be used in professional contexts.

How long will my session be?

That depends. If you’ve selected The Headshot Experience, then it varies based on how many looks you prefer to shoot. I’ll probably accommodate almost whatever you’d like (3 or 4 looks are common). For this type of session, it may range from 1.5 hours to 3 hours or more based on a few factors (how many looks, whether or not you’re getting HMUA services in studio, etc…). If you’re in my studio for a mini corporate session, that usually doesn’t take more than 15 - 30 minutes to secure a solid single headshot.

Payment Policy FAQ

Do you require a deposit to secure my session?

Yes. I do require a non-refundable deposit to secure your session.

What happens if I can’t make it to my session?

If you give me as much notice as possible, there are certainly circumstances where I will keep your deposit on file and apply it directly to a rescheduled session. However, same day cancellations and no-shows will forfeit the entire deposit. I do not offer refunds of deposits unless I’m forced to cancel or reschedule the session on my end for some reason. In that case, you’ll be given the option of keeping your deposit on file and rescheduling, or receiving a refund of your deposit.

Why would you keep my money if you haven’t done any work?

Well hold on there, friend. If you’ve booked a session with me and received confirmations, had conversations with me, perhaps requested HMUA scheduling then I I’ve already done a bit of work on your behalf. It’s fair to be compensated for that work.

Even more importantly - when you block out my calendar and secure your session, that means that I can’t book any other work during that time. I’m a busy, fulltime photographer, and I’m often booked a week or more out. As I’m sure you can understand, blocking my time out and then cancelling costs me and my business lost opportunity to sell more photography, and that translates directly into lost income for me. Unfortunately, I don’t offer much wiggle room here, so be certain that you want to work with me when you book your session!