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Learn what your photographer must do to show your true genuine self. Call (949) 432-5044 for a free consultation with John Glover now, or read on further for helpful tips on finding your California Irvine headshot photographer. Are you looking for a skilled Irvine headshot photographer but ended up with a long confusing list of photographers and local businesses all seeming to offer discount professional Irvine headshots? How do you compare or choose which is going to be the best for you? How do you know if you will feel calm and genuine with your photographer? And, what selection criteria must you consider when making this significant career choice? How do you ensure your next corporate headshot provides you the confidence you need?


Relaxed and genuine headshots that will bring you confidence as you further your Irvine, CA career image and branding.

Relaxed and genuine headshots that will bring you confidence as you further your Irvine, CA career image and branding.


There are likely many professional headshot photographers in your local Irvine, CA area. The Internet had made it pretty easy to find a list. The hard part is actually selecting the Irvine professional headshot photogrpaher that is best for you personally. This is because headshot photography is not as simple as setting up a high-end camera with exceptable lighting equipment and asking someone to smile. First, be cautious of the photographer that shows you many photos of unrelated projects, and then also a few headshots in their portfolio. This is a true sign that they heard headshots were a revenue generator add-on to their sports, pets, cars and landscape photography business and they threw a few photos in a gallery with some cost information in an attempt to corner the Irvine headshot market. These types of photographers are often not worth your time or money for a headshot. You're probably better off taking your chances with your own camera or even cell phone and an instructional vimeo video.

Headshots are quite a bit more involved than having a nice camera and lighting equipment and asking someone to smile. In fact, an amazing camera, top quality professional lighting and the skills to use them to their fullest are far less than half of the qualifications required to create a professional and effective Irvine headshot.


Ultimately, it comes down to human elements and most importantly how relaxed, confident and approachable your Irvine headshot photographer can get you to look. This is almost entirely dictated by the coaching and directing skills of your photographer, which are skills that need to be developed and practiced in a very targeted manner over time. Many Irvine headshot photographers underestimate or even overlook entirely the importance of those skills in a headshot context. To get your best headshot look, your photographer needs to show interest and be passionate about you! The right Irvine headshot photographer will use their experience, honed skills and charisma to draw out the best elements in your facial expression — the things that make you special and unique. They'll be patient with you and create a comfortable environment so when your best elements do present themselves, WHAM, the shot is taken at the moment you look your absolute best.

The right Irvine headshot photographer for you must recognize any challenges with nerves or negative emotion in their clients and understand how to address those problems while simultaneously doing everything else that they need to do (lighting, camera settings, posing / directing, etc...). This is what makes headshot photography best left to those with lots experience who have developed deep skills in this photography niche.

Project a sense of calm and power that helps you land your next management position or career move.

Project a sense of calm and power that helps you land your next management position or career move.

The right headshot can advance your career, and can also make you more confident about your personal branding and unique look.

The right headshot can advance your career, and can also make you more confident about your personal branding and unique look.


  1. REVIEW PORTFOLIO AND GALLERIES - Patiently review the photographer’s portfolio very carefully for looks of confidence, genuine expression and a generally approachable human in each of the photos in their portfolio. Consistency is the goal here; if this Irvine headshot photographer can't create a headshot portfolio that contains confident, approachable and genuine people in every single photo, then most likely they cannot do that for you. In fact, the more consistent the portfolio, the better your chances of getting your best headshot photo.

  2. SPEAK WITH THE PHOTOGRAPHER - Call the Irvine headshot photographer (don't just email them) and politely ask them how the session will flow and how they will coach and direct you during the headshot session. Any deflection or defensiveness about the question, or terse answers that the photographer can't seem to explain any further are quite possibly indicators that they will likely NOT bring your best out of you in a photo. Ask them what would happen if you hire them and you weren't happy with the images. Photographers who can’t answer this question confidently will not offer any solution to this potential re-do or warranty situation.

  3. CHECK RATINGS AND READ REVIEWS - Check ratings and reviews and reach out to one or two of their past clients if that's possible. Reviews are sometimes misleading as every reviewer brings different expectations, but having a low overall rating, or 0 reviews might be indicators that they are actually quite inexperienced, or possibly part time photographers instead of full time professionals. It’s challenging to run a photography business, but often things likes nice websites and client reviews are not things that a part time Irvine headshots photographer will have time to accomplish. A few solid reviews can represent that the photographer is a professional and capable of delivering your genuine and authentic self in a headshot image. The more 5 star ratings and reviews, the better.


John's worked with actors and models that can walk into a headshot or portrait session and own the camera (and therefore, their audience) without him saying a word or providing any coaching. Professionals know what to do with their facial expression in order to convey whatever character they want, and the good ones will convince you that it's a genuine look.

Having up front and personal Irvine headshot photographs taken can seem like an anxious task. John’s camera lens is capable of taking a confident CEO and turning them into a shy person. Of course, John thinks this is completely normal. There are very few people who can bring the right combination of confidence and micro expression required to pull off a great headshot without specialized coaching and directing. Almost everyone needs some help. Therefore, developing the skills to coach and direct his clients in their Irvine headshot session was something John identified early in his career as a critical component of success. John has never stopped developing these techniques, and it's part of what makes corporate headshot photography so interesting to him.

John has spent countless hours on ways to comfortably draw clients into the right expression, and these techniques work really well. If you don't believe him, take a look at his headshot portfolio; this could be you. These people, managers, and executives just needed a solid headshot for LinkedIN, job search, corporate branding, etc... Perhaps John just got lucky and all of them were just happy people who walked around smiling genuinely even after he turned on the camera? Of course not! They were just like every other corporate client who probably could have thought of 10 better places to be than having an Irvine headshot taken. Sure - some of them were more confident and comfortable than others, and that certainly helps.

John's heard the phrase, "I'm not photogenic!" so many times that he's learned to respectfully ignore it. That phrase doesn't really mean much to John. He assumes that everyone he works with is a little scared or nervous about their Irvine headshot session until they see evidence to the contrary. That evidence is simply an amazing headhot that makes a person feel confident and happy about the genuine and authentic look achieved. It's certainly true that the ultimate goal is to coach and direct people toward their amazing headshot - John takes this very seriously. But the typical by-product of the process is an unexpectedly fun session for John's clients. This is because John needs to read their minds. What this actually means is he determines what mental state they're in regarding having their photo taken. Then he quickly devises a plan to address their shortcomings and remove all obstacles to looking their best.

John is not literally a mind reader, but he can detect a fake expression, and those don't fly in his studio. He's going to work hard to achieve your real expression one way or another, and that's what you should expect of any other Irvine headshot photographer you may hire as well.

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John Glover Photography 100% Satisfaction Rating

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