Orange County Portrait Studio: 1835 Whittier Ave., Suite A2, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Los Angeles Portrait Studio: 1340 E 6th St., Suite 415B, Los Angeles, CA 90021

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the Headshot experience - $300

Studio headshot session with personalized coaching and directing, multiple outfits, professional prep materials and optional phone consultation. Licensing and retouching billed separately.


the Branding portrait experiencE - $400

Studio branding session with set and style design, personalized coaching and directing, multiple outfits, professional prep materials and phone consultation. Licensing and retouching billed separately.

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the COMBO experience - $550

Includes everything in the Headshot and Branding Portrait Experience packages. Licensing and retouching billed separately.

What’s the studio session like? Here’s a sneak peak!

Yes, I called it an experience.

Why? Because we’re not talking about a few snapshots here. We’re talking about a virtually unlimited amount of time to get you where you need to be - to achieve extraordinary results that you (perhaps) didn’t think were possible. These studio headshot and portrait sessions entail a finely tuned process that I’ve carefully developed over the years geared entirely toward putting your mind at ease and placing the burden of getting you looking your best on me. That’s my goal for each and every one of my headshot clients - to surprise them in a positive manner with the results of their portrait session and to deliver images that exceed their expectations. I want these headshots and portraits to achieve incredible results within your professional circles that will lead to more positive engagement across the board for all of your business relationships.

Not all headshots and portraits are created equal.

I have put a tremendous amount of time into developing my unique approach to this type of photography, which includes an emphasis on the unique coaching and directing required to get excellent results for a wide variety of personality types. This means that I’m equally at ease directing an experienced actor or model as I am working with someone who is terrified of being in front of the camera. In either case, I’m going to get the shots that work for you, and I’m not going to quit until we have them.